What SWEP bases are compatible with GMOD 13?
Im getting a little tired using Mad Cows.
I like Leeroy’s but I cant find it.
Thanks in advance.

All of them if you convert.

The problem is that I’m an amateur

If you’re willing to put in the effort, LEETNOOB’s customizable weapons base is probably the best one around.

M9K is pretty good.

I use a fixed weapon_cs_base, but since it’s no longer standard I probably shouldn’t.

Wont it error if you use attachments?

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Tried it not really my thing

Not if you don’t enable them in the first place (or just add them, the attachments are lua based). Like I said, it takes effort, but I’ve used it before myself and it’s a great base.

If not incredibly overrated to the point where I believe it has surpassed Mad Cow and GDCW
And the ironic thing is it’s literally just a mishmash of Mad Cow and GDCW

Of course I enjoyed using it but I don’t know why it became so damn popular for doing the same thing other bases have done forever, and with less aptitude. For example, ironsights are literally useless on anything other than scoped weapons because they don’t lower your spread, have no effect on recoil at ALL, and pretty much provide no other advantage than obstructing your vision with a slight FOV change that changes very little.

Although I REALLY like M9K’s awesome, if not a bit laggy, muzzle flash effect.

Despite everything I just said Murderthon 9000 would probably be the best for you due to the fact that it is the easiest base to make weapons on that wasn’t published ages ago (It’s fairly recent, was only released less than half a year ago)

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Why not?
cs_base is incredibly easy to use and modify to your needs, and in fact Customizable Weaponry was derived from it

Not to mention that it still is standard as TTT and DarkRP’s weapon bases are still pretty similar to it.

Actually, I wanted to use the Customizable weaponry base, but it was pretty hard. Can I use your modified version?

Technically speaking you really do not need to add any attachments.

The problem is that I dont know LUA, I only learned how to use Mad Cows from Nanman

Unpack customizable weaponry and use the existing weapons as a starting point. That’s how I started about 5 years ago with TB’s realistic base, and just recently I finished up my first real project (an experience system for DarkRP). SWEPs are a great place to start, because most of it is easy to understand with little to no prior knowledge. Making a swep for the CW base isn’t much different from any other base, it just has extra options for ballistics and the like (which you can take from existing ones if you aren’t comfortable changing them yourself).

Just remember to give LEETNOOB credit for his code’s part in whatever you release.

Wut is an TB baes?

And KoenLeung, what I meant was that you make CSTM weapons similarly to how you’d make Mad Cow weapons, except there’s a lot of extra shit (attachments) that you don’t neccesarily have to have.

Yeah i just saw them lua files and I was like: wtf is this? xD I mostly do sweps as hobby/boredom.I just dont know what things I can delete and what cant

Well, the SWEPS I make are never getting public. Its just for myself to play with

The one i really want for GMOD is actually Leeroys or a modified Customizable Weaponry

Leeroy’s was pretty okay

About that guy, I haven’t heard of him in a long time.

He made some cool shit like SMod kick, player/npc falling and other stuff. Those ones are fixed, I know that.

I liked the way that when you reload you can pick it up and reuse the ammo