SWEP.Deploy being called before SWEP is initialized?

For some reason, I can’t access self.Owner in the deploy hook. Anyone have any guesses why?

[lua]function SWEP:Deploy()

if( SERVER ) then
	self.Owner:DrawWorldModel( false );
	self.Owner:DrawViewModel( true );
	self.Attach = ents.Create( "hls_weaponattach" );
	self.Attach:SetModel( self.WorldModel );
	self.Attach:SetPlayer( self.Owner, self.PBone, self.POff, self.PAng, self.PScale );

self.Owner:SetFOV( 90, 0 );
self:DoClAnim( ACT_VM_DRAW );
self.NextWeaponIdle = CurTime() + self:SequenceDuration();


[lua]self.Owner:DrawWorldModel( false );[/lua]

The above code is saying self.Owner doesn’t exist. Also tried a debug message that told me at the beginning of the hook, self.Owner is NULL.

It’s not set until like a frame later.