SWEP Deploy Overlay?

I started on a new project and I’d need a little hand here.
What I wanted is that, when you deploy the SWEP, an overlay deploys as well.
Here is what Im trying to get as a result.

The beggining of it shows the Overlay appearing as the SWEP is deployed.
Anyone knows how he did?
please help, thanks

function SWEP:DrawHUD()
	//Draw here

Add this to the weapon, you can draw using the draw or surface libraries.

Alright thanks alot I’ll try it out.


Ah, geez I failed, again XD.
What did you mean by draw?
And by the way just so we don’t think on different ideas, when the SWEP is deployed it sets a material over the screen like a screen overlay that I made with .VMT and .VTF file (VMT calling the VTF but you probably already understood :P)
Thanks if you can help again.