Swep Ent Creator

hey guys… well… this is not exactly an request, it’s more like an question… long time ago i’ve seen an tool, or sent (i dont remenber) that was capable of Making an ENT swep. so you get an swep, and turn it into a sent… now, has anyone seen that in gmod.org?

… what?


Do you know the difference between a SEnt, a SWep and a tool?

SEnt = Scripted Entity, SWep = Scripted Weapon, and STool = Scripted Tool.


That’s the closest thing to this that crosses my mind, if I read it right.

Are you saying turns an average entity into a SENT that is displayed on the SEnt tab of the spawn menu? Please redefine your request/question.

Wasent asking you :stuck_out_tongue:

And seriously, we shouldn’t help this guy.

He wont even take 5 minutes of his time, to make himself clear, nor does he check his own thread.