When I use


My swep bounces back like it’s shooting a cannonball.

Is there any way to make this animation move back less?

Edit the animation.

Erm, well, I’m trying to edit this SWEP Pack…

I’ve discovered that the reason the SWEP is bouncing so much is because of this:

[lua]SWEP.ViewModel = “models/weapons/v_shotgun.mdl”[/lua]

Except… the model isn’t of a shotgun. I can’t find anything in the code where it changes the model to the correct one for the player viewmodel. If I try to change it to anything else, like v_smg1, it actually becomes an smg1. When I use v_shotgun, it uses the custom model.

Do you have any clue how it’s doing this?

Perhaps you have your v_shotgun overridden by another model?