[SWEP] Holdtype is bugged!

Hello! I am new at SWEP so i use SWEP creator (who are easily understandable and other)
I did after some modification (because SWEP creator just make the basics) so i saw the holdtype who was in “Pistol” and i searched for holdtype,i put “Shotgun” (for my mosin) but the problem
Is about that the characters don’t hold the mosin like a shotgun (always like a pistols) so it’s a big problem :/…

PS : I’d like to know how to make the other players ears the sound between every of my mosin shot (when you shoot you can hear a sound and a anim for unload the bullet in first person but not in third person) so i’d like to know,thank;
Thank for reading

SWEP Creator is awful.

Learn LUA or find a template and create it yourself.

function SWEP:Initialize()

I have that in my code but it’s doesnt work :confused: He keeps holding it like a pistols and reloading it like a pistols :confused: It’s annoying…

What version of Garry’s Mod are you using? Are you using a dev build?

I’m using the standart version of garry mod : Garry’s mod 13 (14.04.19) :stuck_out_tongue:

Try a different holdtype and then let us know what happens.

Also try to lower holdtype name. Use “shotgun” and not “Shotgun”.