SWEP holdtypes are broken

The problem is simple yet anoying. Many SWEP packs have this problem, including my own which is made with Mad Cows Beta 3 base.
ALL guns in the affected packs have the pistol holdtype no mather what you write in SWEP.HoldType. When you look at the standard weapon_cs_base guns that come with garrysmod, they have no problems with holdtypes.
Have you noticed this?? If you have, post what pack and if you know how to fix this, please post the fix, not just for me but for all the gmod players on facepunch.

Here is a pic of my M82A1 SWEP:

Now tell me how normal it is to hold a .50 cal sniper like a pistol.

I have fixed this on mad cows base.

Needs to be shared now.

If you’re saying that SWEP.HoldType needs to be in shared.lua then I can say that I tried that and it did not work, but ill try it again.

Take it out of the “if SERVER” block.

Okey, ill try that then, thanks.

The “normal” holdtype is just the pistol holdtype for some reason.
Any ideas how to fix this?

SetWeaponHoldType needs to be shared as well, so for example:

[lua]function SWEP:Initialize()
if (SERVER) then

will become:

[lua]function SWEP:Initialize()

So clients should not be returned? Like

function SWEP:Initialize()
if CLIENT then return end

No, it needs to exist on the client and the server for prediction reasons.

Yeah you need ot remove the line that says if CLIENT then return end, you need that next line to run on both the server and client now.

I would just like to say that I have already made a weapon like this, I fixed the World Model and made it a realistic size, :S

Look at the model xD looks like an UZI. I think my is scaled four times bigger :smiley:

Well I am not good with modelling and shit. I fixed the gun sticking out of the players cock with lua.

Wait? HOW? I made a G36 and it’s a cock gun, how do I fix it?