SWEP makeing

Hello I am makeing a custom swep for a friends TTT server and I ran into a confuseing bit of code I do not understand what it does to a gun or how it effects it. I am trying to make a Cross bow in TTT

here is my code (so far)

if SERVER then 
AddCSLuaFile( "shared.lua" )

if CLIENT then
   SWEP.PrintName = "crossbow"
   SWEP.Slot = 6
   SWEP.ViewModelFOV     = 72
   SWEP.ViewModelFlip    = true
 SWEP.Base                              = "ttt_base"
 SWEP.HoldType                          = "ar2"
 SWEP.Primary.Delay           = 3
 SWEP.Primary.Recoil          = 0.1
 SWEP.Primary.Automatic       = false 
 SWEP.Primary.Damage          = 200
 SWEP.Primary.Cone            = 

what is SWEP.Primary.Cone what does it do to the weapon?

It is basically the area where the bullets start in. I think increasing the cone size makes bullets have a larger spread.

Pretty much this, you’d want to keep it low for a crossbow.