SWEP maker download help

I have downloaded two SWEP makers but I dont know if they downloaded to gmod right.
im thinking a number of things could have happened

  1. it was downloaded right but I do not know how to acces it
  2. i did not download it right
  3. i downloaded both of the ones uploaded to garrysmod.com and they fucked each other up or something
  4. idk

yes i believe i am new to downloading things but i extracted the lua to lua, models to models etc

My recommendation: start from scratch. You’ll learn so much more that way.


i accually tried today to make a music player by taking the jihad bomb and trying to place the music in with the taunt i did it wrong though but i dont know how to make something like where you can go into options click it and a dialouge box comes up giving u the choises of what model what it fires damage and then posibly have a section for like if you shoot someone there player model changes or little joke stuff like that

long comment is looong