SWEP model not showing plz help?

hey i’m fairly new to the whole coding for Gmod but i made a swep addon for myself and i put the swep model in the (addon name)/models/weapons/
and i put that in the script for the weapons v_model and w_model and for some reason when i load my game up the weapon isn’t showing up but it shoots and everything am i suppose to do sumthing to the model before i put it in GMOD cause i downloaded it off fps banana for css and liked it so i wanted it in gmod too.

Weapon not showing up in 3rd or 1st person? CS:S weps have a bone structure that’s designed to fit in their hands. ValveBiped, or standard models have that bone in their crotch, causing it to be a crotch gun. If 3rd person, is it a small gun or a big playermodel?

Of course it could also be a lua issue, but we can’t do anything without seeing your code.

Did you hex the skins you downloaded off of fpsbanana?

what do u mean by hex? and yea the skins aren’t showing up in either first person or 3rd. i’m just using the default code for css that comes with it… i’m just making it for me and my bro on our lan but i wasn’t able to get it to work right… could it be cause it’s the SWEP code for css? that it won’t let me change it?

Also show us your code so we can see if you’re doing anything wrong in the shared.lua file.

it was the hexing i needed to do. tyvm for the help! ;D