SWEP Not appearing on draw when out of ammo

Whenever I run out of ammo on my sweps, and pull it out again, it doesn’t appear. I get some ammo, pull it out again, and its fine.

Console errors?
Anything not vague???


Do you mean the ammo counter in the corner doesn’t show up?

Theres no console errors, nothing. And sorry kogitsune, i forgot to be specific. its the model.

Where’s the code?
What weapon is it?
Is this singleplayer or multiplayer?

Code has nothing to do with it, i think its just the source engine.
I know what youre asking, but it happens with the majority of sweps
happens on both, but i am currently on multiplayer with it

If you’re finding this with most weapons then you’re in the wrong FP section, try help and support

Wait. You’re not using FAS2 are you? FAS2 seems to hide empty guns for me, when I’m running a weapon limit script

i didnt make those sweps


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update: this only happens with sweps I make, for some reason.