Swep Pack

I’m making a Swep Pack from CSS skins right now and I’m up to 6. I want your requests.

Rules :
No shitty skins that just change the color of the weapon.
No Shotguns. (They are annoying to code.)

I’m going to release the pack when I get up to 30 Sweps.
Don’t expect them to be perfect. I haven’t been coding to long.
All Sweps will have iron sights.
You can request 3 skins.

Sweps done already:
A G36C
A Golden Desert Eagle
A 1911
A Beretta
A Big ass revolver

EDIT: Here’s a quick video I put together in 10 minutes.

I know a weapon that isn’t very noticed by many, but by military standards its advanced im talking about the HK416 my 2nd favorite rifle next to the FN SCAR. Anyways could you add my first ever swep that i made which is my HK416 into the pack for me here is the link please add it into the pack :smiley: feel free to edit the code around to make it fit in with the pack.

Here is the link.


Yeah I’ll include it.

By the way, I just finished a Barrett M82A1 ( A sniper).


Um, crysismaster, You didn’t include the view models in your swep.

I’m just gonna get a different view model and edit the lua a bit when FPSBanana comes back online.


I fixed it and added the View models back in and when ever i seem to get the m82 Barret it always screws up.

EDIT:FORGOT THE LINK HERE IT IS :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72618

On other sweps? If so, mine works fine. Although I can’t figure out how to do scopes.