SWEP.Primary.ClipSize help fa:s weapons singleplayer

How do I change SWEP.Primary.ClipSize in sp for fa:s weapons by spy

This is your third thread about this topic. I already told you to edit the Lua files.

Where are they

In the addon? If you’re using the workshop version, you’ll have to extract it.

and then

Once you extract it, edit the lua file and change the ammo capacity

And where is that. That is what I have been asking the whole time

In the SWEP’s shared.lua files.

Step 1: Download an GMA Extractor
Step 2: Drag your FA:S Addon GMA on it.
Step 3: go to garrysmod/Addons/somethingfas/lua/
Step 4: look for your weapon to modify.
Step 5: Open up the shared.lua in Notepad
Step 6: Search for the line SWEP.Primary.ClipSize
Step 7: Change it.
Step 8: Save
Step 9: Unsubscribe to the Workshop Version
Step 10: delete the GMA
Step 11: Press Logout on Facepunch. (this step is optional but recommended)
Step 12: Start Garrysmod.

The only helpful person on here

Sorry for assuming you could use basic logic.

Good for you