Swep.Primary.Sound After Gmod "The Summer Update" 2014

what I’ve noticed after the update, when you fire your sweps in full auto or make an sound emitting interaction like clicking your empty gun and switching weapons in menu. The gun sound gets cut off.
This can make full auto fire sound ugly because everytime you fire the gun the gunsound of the previous shot gets cut off by the current shot.

This usualy happens when your shared.lua directs the gun sound towards a script like this: Swep.Primary.Sound = Sound(“Weapon_Galil.Single”)

you could fix the abrupt sound cut by replace the script reference by the actual sound url like below

Swep.Primary.Sound = Sound( “weapons/galil/galil-1.wav” )
this made the sound play independent from any other scripted sound so it would not be interrupted.

I’m not sure if it is due the update or anything else, but since at the very moment all gun sounds are getting cut off again. Is there any fix to this or will this be patched very soon?

Kind regards, Tiger

(ps sorry if my english is bad or if this was a dumb question)

This issue has been bothering me for quite a while now. Ill try your fix or something similar

self:EmitSound(“sound.wav”) for SWEPs works like soundscript now, you can replace self to self.Owner to fix this

@ TheMostUpset, thank you Its fixed.

For those who encounter the same issue

Find your swep base, if it has


change it to

If its changed the gunsounds no longer gets cut off by misc. sounds like trigger tick or selecting other weapons and the next shot you fire ect…