SWEP Question: How do you add a world animation to a melee swep in garrysmod.

Hello. I was wondering how to add a world animation to a melee lua swep I coded. I have a player animation that the player whos using the swep can see, but other players on the server cannot see the animation due to it only being the player animation. So, how do you add a world animation to a swep. EX: A axe swinging downword, or a crowbar being swung. Thanks in advance.

PS: I hope this is in the right section this time, I got banned for accidently posting something about a swep in the gmod forum.

I suggest posting in the LUA Scripting > Questions since this is a question :rolleyes:

Oh, sorry, by any chance can you tell me how to delete/move this thread?

You can’t :/.


Sorry, have allot of tabs open, meant to post this in another thread.