SWep reqeust

hi could you make a SWep, there transform, you to a crate when you choose, the swep, and when you choose another swep it make’s you normal again

Maybe its just me…

I cant understand anything your asking for. :v:

Rephrase it?

Yeah that makes no sense, I mean if your asking when you shoot it turns you into a crate, then when you shoot on a different swep it goes back to normal, then I do understand but if otherwise…

He talks about a swep that will act like a pokeball.

There is already such a SWEP on garrysmod.org

yeah, it’s that i mean… sry for my bad explain, to all.

Equip the swep, get turned into a box, Select a diffrent weapon to turn back.

That it?

That’s what I got also. I think that is it. Although wouldn’t it make more sense if it was primary fire = box and secondary fire = normal? What effect would the swep that changed you back to normal have effect on people who are already normal?

yeah, its that i mean.

Glad to help, Do you mean make the player a box and go third person? or maybe make he player a box that can fly around and hurt things or…?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just make a swep, so that right click turns you into a crate and either right clicking it or holstering it turns you back?

he should just be to a crate with FPS view, and when the person choose another weapon it turns back, like a camoflage