SWEP request

I’d like Sweps using these models pls. The models can be found in the Resident Evil Weapons Pack.
and the pack can be found here:
If possible, can the pistol have a laser sight (red dot) that follows the reticle?

Ok, knife is not needed. However, I’d still like the rest.
-Pistol: Base it off the deagle, but with a red dot following reticle that can be seen by other players if possible. Use this model.
-TMP: Base it off normal TMP, but with this model.
-Sniper Rifle: Base it off the scout, but using this model.
-Big Sniper: Base it off an auto sniper (either one). Use that model.

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Another bump.
Changes to request:
-No Knife.
-No Pistol.
-No Auto-Sniper.
-Springfield Sniper Stays.
-STMP Stays.

If you can get them to v_ models, then this would be easy. For example, to make the Springfield just set the SWEP.Base to weapon_scout and change the v and w models. Same with TMP, but you’d have to have extra coding for the laser, if it’s even possible.

Thread closed. I searched a little further on Gmod.org and FP and noticed the springfield is already done, and someone is doing TMP for a pack they are making.

[EDIT] I need a mod to close this please.