SWEP: Riot Sweps

Hey i’m looking for a coder that could possibly make the following for a Swat

  • Tear gas grenade (When inside the area of effect it makes you screen blurry and you take +1 damage every second or so)
  • Riot Sheild (Reflects bullets and prevents damage)
  • Riot Gun (Week gun that on hit the target recieves +20 damage and gets nocked back)
    I preferably want it to contain as little models as possibles, so please use models and materials from CS:S and HL2 if possible.


I did make a riot shield a while ago for some RP server. It uses one custom model for the shield itself, but if you give me a replacement vanilla model I’ll adapt it to use that instead. I think I’ve given credit in the code. And included the model+material. I think.