SWEP/SENT not appearing in-game.

So i’ve made a couple of codes, one for an M4 that shoots exploding bullets, and one for a basic healthpack, I put the folders in their appropriate places (lua/weapons/<folder> and lua/entities/<folder>) but they do not show up in game. So I try to put them in addon format, and I believe I did that correctly, but they still don’t show up. Any suggestions?

This could be happening because the info file is not setup right? maybe I’m not sure also it could be that the spawnmenu is not recognizing them as being a spawnable weapon/sent. try spawning the sents via this console command.

ents_create whateveryousentsnameis

Did you create a cl_init.lua to enfore the

if ( SERVER ) then

	AddCSLuaFile( "shared.lua" ) 




if ( SERVER ) then

	AddCSLuaFile( "init.lua" )

You shouldn’t ever,

AddCSLuaFile( "init.lua" )

You don’t want or need the clients of a server to have the server file.

Alright, I’m not used to coding entities. I’m working on a nice, big swep pack :v:/