SWEP showing on left side instead of right

Hello again =)
So today my problem’s that I tried creating my own swep for a try, everything worked fine like I wanted, only problem is my weapon is showing on my left hand instead of my right. The problem isn’t from my options since every other gun is on the right. Is there a code that I need to add to the shared.lua or something?

here’s a picture:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

SWEP.ViewModelFlip		= true


SWEP.ViewModelFilp = true

Thank you,
another problem but it’s not that problematic, is that in the worldview of the gun it’s not situated on my arms, can I change it using a lua code or will i have to go in the .qc of it?


Best way to do it is to recompile the model, it is possible to do with Lua, but the result is not as good as recompiling the model.

Thanks again!

The best way to do it through LUA would be to use SWEP Construction Kit, or manually doing it through code, but recompiling is always better.