Swep silencer

How can i script a swep to take a silencer on secondary fire instead of
anything else - totally new to scripting so no shouting please!

The weapon has to have an animation specific to what you want to do. For example, the CSS M4A1 has a specific animation that places a silencer on the barrel. As for the sounds, you say on SWEP:SecondaryAttack() you switch the primary firing sound to a silenced one.

Well I can find silenced varients of colt weapons, its an automat kalashnikov AK-74(s)u i’d like to be silenced.
Its for a gamemode that im learning lua for (or will be soon) and it involves spec-ops
but I cannot find a silenced AK for the ‘bad guys’ to use (well depends on how you view them)
Its for a Cold War era RP.

Thanks for the help so far anyways!