[SWEP]Super Cluster Bomb

This is my first lua file + working SWEP + working SENTS, please be nice.

This swep will destroy and rape any NPCS or players that you would want to destroy. Primary fire throws a melon that will transform into 3 other melons that will be launched into the air and rain down a firey hell of explosions. Holding Secondary will throw a rapid series of melons that will just explode into the cluster explosives.
Pictures are at garrysmod.org

BETA1: Created the swep
BETA2: Fixed the Cluster Grenades from floating

:eng99:Know Bugs::eng99:
A few lua errors about Time, they don’t spam you with the errors.

Video(s) will be coming soon
Please suggest a good combine model + directory for that model, so it can replace the boring melon model
Also report any bugs in this thread.

Looks cool, downloading now.


Dunno if this was intended or not, but when the clusters go into water they just float there. They can be picked up by the gravity gun and explodes when it comes in contact with land.


Sounds nice, i’ll probably dl it tomorow (goddamnit im so tired i cant spell that right D:)