Swep tactical sheild

would love to get my hands on a tactical sheild with sidearm would make 20 - 1 stand off’s soooo much more epic…


good to knowim not alone :smiley:

Multi-thread :confused: I think someone suggested this before and someone said they would make this…not sure if they ever did.

dont think so i still havent found 1 and iv been searching for god knows how long. . . .
so i dont think it got done :confused:

It was done with this model

I could do it so all that it does is place the model in front of you when you run a command…But I can’t be arsed to do it right now because I’m playing Borderlands

sound like fun but i wanted to be able to move it as a secondary fire to move it in front of ya and to the side a little. . . when ever ur ready will be good. . .

if anyone else wats to give it a go it would be perfect if it was held in the left hand but i want to be able to see my left hand holding it there with a mp5 or pistol sidearm that lowers with secondary fire and places your right hand on the sheild to brace it in my eyes who ever did this would be the new chuck norris. . .

is noone gonna do it?

If you have a model WITH animations, to do all that, then it’s more likely someone will do it.

. . . . i dont know if it matters but there was 1 in counter strike a few years back. . .


if i cant have it the way its specafied the way docdoomsday said buy simply pasting it there in frount of ya but that removes the efect of having a tactical sheild and may as well have a locker atached to ya. . .

look i know im not alone in wanting this if u want this done as well just leave a +1 as a comment please . . .


actually i just rememberd that they had tactical sheilds in mw2 . . . with all the ripping from that game can it be done like that???

You can’t rip anims to my knowledge…and Unless I get anims all I can do is make the shield go infront of you or randomly appear on your back by using console commands :expressionless: Since making a swep for it would ruin the point of it since we don’t have anims, plus that if you do it with a swep how would you have another swep in your other hand xD?

you could have 2 weapons, like in some CS:S weapon packs they have left click to fire left gun, right click to fire right gun (pistols)

Firstly the world models are going to be a bit of a problem since you would need a physics prop to block a bullet, but if you parent it to the right bone on the player you can use any weapon with it

Check the ‘What are you working on V3’ (google it) thread, i think someone posted a video related to the shield in there

EDIT: This?

That’s Wizey’s.
She’s already released it in her MW2 Swep Pack.