swep that can be used by npcs

I always wondered why the feature to add sweps to the npc spawn menu is even in the game.
Since I started playing gmod years ago, there has never been a weapon working properly with combines and rebels alike.
My request sounds simple, but I guess it is very hard to make.
Code a generic swep (nothing fancy, just bullet-shooting or perhaps explosive), that can be used by combine.
I would really apprechiate if someone would take the time, as I never understood what the problem actually is.
Will provide other inforamtion if necessary.

Well, the combine can use sweps perfectly when they’re moving, I guess I could make a swep which would set the combines schedule to run if its standing. Which will just make it run around for no reason…

“As I never understood what the problem actually is.” the problem is not in lua, thats why we can’t do shit to fix it.

combines have to move, to fire sweps?
Y would they do that?

Someone messed it when writting the AI.