SWEP that freezes everything but the person that uses it

If somebody knows about a swep like this, could you send me the link? And if it doesn’t exist, is somebody working on this?

I just want a time swep that freezes everything but the person that uses it. So, if you were playing with other people on a server, and you froze time, it would simply look like you just teleported. I understand that this would take hard work. But it must be possible. I have seen sweps like this but not what I wanted. Thank you.

Well you can’t freeze time in real life, so they would have to be like a pause screen where they would have to wait till you unfreeze time. You can’t just suddenly create 50 seconds of you time in between 1 second of everyone time.

You can’t freeze time for one person and not freeze it for another. This is why Fallout 3 does not have multiplayer (And if it did, it wouldn’t have VATs)

So basically what you are saying is that this isn’t possible?

It’s possible, but would be extremely useless for multiplayer.

I don’t care about multiplayer. I want it for singleplayer.

Sense has now been made. Don’t ever use the word player for single player unless you are referring to yourself.