SWEP Turret

Early on in GMod, someone made a turret entity that would could be loaded by the player with SWEPs, which in turn would fire the SWEP at any NPCs or players.

For the time when this worked well, it was ridiculously fun. Barring certain ludicrous examples, like melee SWEPs or grenade SWEPs, this sucker would rain down fire on anything in its field of view. You could put the mother-forking redeemer in its hands, and it would happily nuke the first little headcrab that dared to cross its path.

But now, after so many engine and GMod updates, it’s LONG fallen into disrepair, and nobody has bothered to update it. It still KINDA works, but it’s glitchy as all Hell and tends to give up quickly and stop aiming or firing at anything. Having more than one active or using a different SWEP basically breaks the damn things and they won’t work again until you delete them and make new ones.

If someone would remake this, code it to work in the modern engine, maybe even work a little better, I and plenty of others would positively drool at the fun times that would be had.

And if you DO succeed and want to go for bonus points, there were always some inherent problems with the original.

  • Indiscriminate targeting: the original was fun, but it took the side of no one. Rebel, combine, player, zombie, it didn’t matter; it would make it dead. At least, making it ignore the player that spawned it would help. Ideally, it’d be nice to have spawn options, giving the turret allegiances.

  • Indifferent NPCs: A nice feature would also be to check whether or not NPCs can see and fire at the turret. In the original, as an entity, NPCs ignored the swep turret entirely, waltzing directly into the cross-hairs of all kinds of deadly fire. There wasn’t even a fear reaction, and the NPCs wouldn’t return fire despite being completely mowed down by these things.

  • Turret Health: In the original, the turret had enough health to take two magnum shots before dropping its weapon and vanishing. If NPCs can target these, being able to gauge how much punishment they can take would help things last longer, and an option for simple turret invincibility wouldn’t be bad either.

  • Turret Skins: When this came out, I’m sure the Orange Box wasn’t released. Therefore, there was never an option to make it a ceiling turret, a Portal turret or a TF2 turret. This would just be garnish, but if it were possible, having different options would be nice :slight_smile: