SWEP use in gamemode

I am making a gamemode and i want to use kermit’s sniper pack as weapons hwo would i do this? thanks everyone

put the sweps in yourgamemode\entities\Weapons

then how would i write it out

if i have a SWEP called kermite_snip_awm

would i write it weapon_kermite_snip_awm?

just move the sweps to youraddon/lua/weapons in yourgamemode\entities\Weapons

yea but in the code when you use default weapons you write

 ply:Give "weapon_crowbar" 

how would i write the SWEP do i write the destination?

this work like this: [lua]ply:give(“swep_folder_name”)[/lua]
So, with your kermite weapon, you should use [lua]ply:give(“kermite_snip_awm”)[/lua]