SWEP v/w_model [Pics inside]

For the last two weeks, a guy named “Sploder” has been making a new SWEP, however, neither him, nor me, know’s how to make view/worldmodels! Ok, the SWEP itself is based on Touhou, more specifically, the time-stopping, knife-throwing maid “Sakuya Izayoi”.


The SWEP itself is actually done, the only thing we need now are the models!
The models themselves aren’t really that big of a deal, the biggest problem would be the animations!

Here’s some pictures to show you what I want, however, you ARE free to do something else if you want to, but I would appreciate it if you asked me first!

That’s the default attack, however, the swep has 3 “Spellcards” (Special attacks) that would require some other models:

Spellcard 1: Silver Bound (Fires in a circle around you, the amount of knives are depending on how much health you have left, from 6 knives 3 times (Short burst of 3, a total of 18 knives) to 29 knives 3 times (Short burst of 3, total of 87 knives):

Spellcard 2: Killing Doll (Throws knives upwards, the knives will then hover in the air for about 1 second, before they go speeding against where your crosshair is, also, less HP, more knives.)

Spellcard 3: The World (This character is actually a reference to Jojo’s bizarre adventure)
(Stops time, uses default throwing model, except it uses new colors)

I’ll upload the SWEP without the model when I get home, the net blocks the site where it is uploaded, because I’m at school :confused:

If he can’t make v_models then he’s probably shit at making sweps anyway.

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I love the part where you imply that LUA = Modeling :hurr:
You know, you be skilled in one, and don’t know shit about the other.
Kinda like me, I know Actionscript, but I suck graphically in Flash!
You can stop acting like a douchebag, and help instead :slight_smile:
But I digress




Here’s an updated version of the SWEP: