SWEP Viewmodel Glitch

Hey guys.

I’m coding a SWEP for the TTT Gamemode.

When I have the SWEP equipped, and then switch to a crowbar, the SWEPS viewmodel disappears, as it should.

However, when I drop the weapon, and then switch to any other weapon, the viewmodel stays from the SWEP I dropped, and obviously the other SWEP I equipped (the crowbar) is there too.

Does anyone know why there is a duplicate viewmodel happening?

Here is a picture of the correct viewmodel:

And here is a picture when it glitches when you drop it:


You are not removing it in SWEP:OnDrop?

I actually figured this out. TTT doesn’t use the native SWEP:OnDrop() function, it uses it’s own function.

I had to remove it there, and not in SWEP:OnDrop()