SWEP Viewmodel Problem

I’ve been testing out a SWEP recently, and no matter what hold type I use, the model is displayed like this

The gun is basically right in front of my face. Anything I can do to fix it?

A viewmodel (V_model) is what is shown in first person to the player weilding it, while other players see a world mode (w_model). Changing the hold type does not affect v_models, only world models.

From the looks of it, the model was not positioned correctly when it was made.

So the gun would look normal on an npc?

Here’s a better explanation.
This is a view model of the Half-Life 2 shotgun:

This can only be seen by the person holding it.

This is a combine soldier holding the shotgun:

In this case, the shotgun is a world model, since it is seen from a third-person perspective.

Changing the hold type only changes how NPC’s would hold the gun from a third person view, or how players see other players hold the gun.

If you use the right hold type, your weapon should look perfectly fine as a world model. Your problem is the view model covoring the player’s first-person view, which it shouldn’t be doing.