SWEP w_model position

I’m making a machinima where I need to have someone hold a sniper, (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=61573) but when I look at my player the model is sticking through the middle of him. Am I able to change it to look normal?

-snip- so retards don’t rate me shit for a simple mistake

Editing the Lua file will do nothing. The world model was compiled to be used with a different skeletal system than HL2/Garry’s Mod uses. The only way to fix this would be decompiling it, positioning it on a HL2 bone like ValveBiped.R_Hand, weighting it, exporting it, and then recompiling it. Then, player models will hold it correctly.

Unless you really love that Dragunov, your best bet is to find a different model.

You could get a different swep and edit its lua file so it has the model of the dragnov. I done it before so i think it should work.