SWEPs: Don't give the player any additional ammo on pickup

The title basically explains everything: Due to gameplay mechanics I need to repeatedly give a player a SWEP, however I don’t want him to receive additional ammo every time.

When you pickup the SWEP you get a certain amount of ammo with it - how can I get it to include zero ammo? So that the player has to supply himself by picking up ammo boxes.

  • Is this possible just by changing some SWEP parameters?
  • Do I need to code special routines to accomplish this, or is there an easy way?

I have already searched for solutions yet didn’t find anything really helpful.

My solution: Before I give the player the weapon, get the amount of ammo he has for all types (pistol, smg, etc) and store these values. Give him the weapon. Now remove all his ammo. Give him the same amount of ammo he had before.


The default clip size parameter works, yet there still is a small amount of ammo received even if it set to 0!

That would have been what I would tell you to do. However I do not think that it is functioning correctly if it is doing that.