SWEPs holding fix?

Don’t know if this should belong here. Anyways how do you fix that bug that started where you look like you are holding a pistol for all SWEPs. The thing that started after Garry made an update that changed that. The SWEP.HoldType line is what im talking about. The AUG for CSS Realistic says this: " SWEP.HoldType = “ar2” but it looks like im holding a pistol.

I believe it has to be in the shared.lua for the swep try somthing like this
function SWEP:Initialize()

You need to add hold type for the clients, add this to the sweps and edit the hold type

[lua]function SWEP:Initialize()
if CLIENT then

You need to set it on both the server and client, so MayorBee is right.

Obviously he had it for the server. So same shit, but use Mayorbee’s :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. It worked perfectly.