SWEPS (multiple bases), wont show up...

So, it started with a base I was using, I was working on a SWEP, and I wanted to try a different base. The SWEP stopped showing up all together in the spawn weapon menu. So I thought I might as well just get a new base. So I did, but it didn’t show up either. I deleted ALL my weapons/SWEPS from the addon folder as I thought they might be conflicting. But no, same thing. I’ll post my SWEPS for download tomorrow, and maybe someone could tell me if they work for you. Has anyone had this kinda issue before?

2 words. Code, console-errors.

Meant to update the post, no errors, no code change. The bases WERE showing up, but then stopped.
EDIT: I think I may have found what’s wrong. Had something to do with folder names.