SWEPS Spawnable by SuperAdmin only?

I stopped hosting Garry’s Mod servers for awhile and now I’m hosting another and forgot how to make SWEPS spawnable by SuperAdmins only. I want the weapons and drugs to be spawnable by SuperAdmin only, not admins. Currently it allows Admins and SuperAdmins.

Also is there a way I can prevent regular Admins from editing any DarkRP settings at all. Including giving themselves money and toggling any RP settings.



I know how to edit LUA files but I don’t recall doing this particular function in that link before. It was something else I know that much. I’m talking about a regular admin giving themselves weapons or drugs via the “Q” menu under the weapons/entities tab.

Evolve admin mod has this option.

I guess I’m not making it clear.

I have ULX admin. I want to disable the entities/weapons tab from the “Q” menu from being usable by the regular Admin class. I only want the weapons/entities tab usable by Super Admins. I do not want to change to a different admin mod just to do this. I know there was a way to do this by editing a file but it’s been too long and I can’t find that particular way anymore. I also want to disable the ability for the regular Admin class to edit DarkRP settings.