SWEPS- Spawning at SENT, and Particle Help

Hello there!

I am making a second pack of weapons (this time, grenades) and I am needing some help with 2 different LUA challenges

  1. How would I make something/multiple objects spawn at an entity (whether it be another entity or an object), like a thrown grenade.
    Basically, I throw the grenade, and after 5 seconds, a bunch of <insert comical object here> comes out.

And how would I adjust the force and/or direction of said spawned objects.

  1. How would I make a particles come out of a thrown grenade (like in sakarias’s QSD, he makes the blue or red orbs come out of it).
    Looking at his LUA code, it looked like he did something along the lines of

		local effectdata = EffectData()
		effectdata:SetOrigin( self.Entity:GetPos()) 
		effectdata:SetMagnitude( (self.StartExpEffectDel - CurTime()))
		util.Effect( "Annahilation", effectdata )

But his code does this about 16 times, and I don’t really know why…

I’m not much of an effects person, so this is all beyond me.

Thanks for all your help!