SWEPs thirdperson animations problem

Hello guys, just started coding SWEPs for Garry’s Mod, exactly for TTT. I managed to pull some weapon models from gamebanana and make SWEPs out of them for this gamemode, but I hit a problem with third-person anims. Charachter holds guns like this
So, how do I solve it? I’m using Badking’s weapon_ttt_ak47 shared.lua as an example, haven’t added any new code on the top of it
Example shared.lua file - http://ttt.badking.net/custom-weapon-guide/weapon_ttt_ak47.zip?attredirects=0

The world model doesn’t seem to be rigged for use as world model.

>The world model doesn’t seem to be rigged for use as world model.
Well, somehow this model is used in CS:S, right? So why it is not rigged for gmod?

Because CS:S uses different bone structure/names for their playermodels?

Okay, so there is no way adopting it to gmod except reanimating it? Therefore, CS:S models used in TTT are reanimated too?

Default CS:S weapons are shipped with gmod and have correct attachments on them. You’ll need to recompile world models in order to make it work. Here’s a tutorial for you: