First of all, Sry bad eng, Just tell me if you don’t understand any part and im gonna explain better.

Tie SWEP, This Weapon will be used for CPs on my SeriousRP Gamemode,

This swep tie’s citizens up,

Before you can tie them up you need to stand behind them or else it wont work, also if they move the Tie will Fail, you need to put a loader or somthing so the cp that tie the citizen see when its done, also for the citizen it come a text like, “you begin tied up”,

When you use Mousclick 1 then
Tie the Citizen up also when they tied up they can’t use any weapons but they don’t lose them but they can’t use them and they can walk, but relly slowly, and

Mouseclick2 is the same as 1 but you untie them and they can use thier weapons and they can walk normal again.

Also Hands SWEP and i think thats good for self defense and more Realistic, but it shold not hurt much, just like 5 hp or somthing,

Okey so Mouseclick 1 is to hurt someone, and Mousclick2 is to take up the hands, and if the hands are down then Mouseclick 1 can’t hurt anyone.

Also if you stand behind a citizen that is tied and use Mousclick 2 or somthing maybe R (relode) its begin to untie

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That seems really pointless, because they will always move. What the cops do is hold them; So you shouldnt have to be behind them, and them moving shouldnt affect it.

Ill do a good version of a tie, ok? Add my username and we can discuss the price (After ive done my homework O.o)