Swichaify RP server #2 *FastDL*

 Swichaify DarkRP server #2 AS FastDL 

www.Swichaify.co.uk (not crappy, this is taken seriously) This is our clan forum, you can discuss the server here.

We know how bad DarkRP can be so we have changed it so it can be a more enjoyable RP gamemode.
Our server is strongly administrated with many admins, we are constantly improving the servers we have and trying to make you have a more enjoyable time.

To make it even better we do NOT use many addons on our RP server we know most of the DarkRP servers always have PHX and other addons, we try to keep addons low.
The only major addon on the server is Wire, this is only because of the demand of people wanting it.

Well… if you don’t like this server you can try our BuildRP server, which is greatly popular and many people love it.

Custom jobs are:
[/li][li]Secuirty Guard
[/li][li]Black Market Dealer
[/li][li]Spy (Donator only)
[/li][li]Robber (Can’t have RP without this ^^)
There is no custom weapons or shipments to stop people abusing.

We also sometime host our custom maps. (one in development)


We are editing DarkRP for a medievalRP depending on our it turns out it might go on this server. (If any Lua coders want to help they are welcome!)

Contact me: Ryan@Swichaify.co.uk[/release]

This is our fisrt server:

This is so wrong.
First, don’t create two or more threads for one community.
You don’t need any lua experience to change Dark RP’s theme.
This really doesn’t differ from any other dark RP server.

Robber (Can’t have RP without this ^^)


Yes, you can.

Are you stupid? You don’t even know what I am going to do with DarkRP so how can you comment on that ? Yeah of course the only thing I am gonna change is the theme to make look medieval :S sarcasm
How can you say it doesn’t differ from any other DarkRP server? you have’nt even been on it! You are just making false judgments! If you think DarkRP is ‘crappy’ Why comment?

The gamemode itself is not crappy but how people use it make it crappy.

rate me bad reading


Thread still doesn’t say why it differs from other servers.

I see potential in this community.

Quite nice SMF forum

Thanks dude, spent a lot of time on that :slight_smile:

I edited my own SMF forum as well.