[Swichaify] Ultimate DarkRP {Build, Play, Have Fun}

This aims to be an ultimate server.

Mods: PHX3, Wiremod, PCmod, FPP, CSSRW and more…

We know how much DMing there is in DarkRP so we have tried to limit that as much as possible, we made RDMing jobs Donator only (These do not get abused as donators get warnings for abuse and after 3 get demoted). All donators get ability to kick (Same as above 3 warnings demote).

Owner: [SW] Ryan

Admins: unite00, Canis

Operators: [SW] Hawk

Custom Jobs:
-CP (Donator only, may change)
-Bloodz Gangster (no weps)
-MS13 Gangster (no weps)
-Mercenary (Donator only)
-Arms Dealer (not as good guns as gun dealer)
-Security Guard
-Black Market Dealer (sells lockpicks and stuff)
-Spy (Donator only)
-Pet (Donator only, get abused)
-President Daughter
-Under cover cop
-First Lady
-Wire Nerd
-Drug Baron
-Car Dealer (Sorry, does not sell cars YET!)
-Fisherman (Fishing mod will be back soon!)
-Zombie (no idea)
-SWAT (Donator only)
-SWAT Chief (Donator only)
-Terrorist (being tested to see if get abused)

Custom Shipments:
-Jahid bomb (may be removed)
-All of durgz mod drugs are custom shipments (except water)

What do donators gold get for £5:
-All drugs, all weps, donator only jobs and ability to kick, teleport, bring and goto.
What do donators silver get for £3:
-Some drugs, some weps, donator only jobs and ability to kick.

–The building side–
-Measuring stick
-Laser 2.0 (Donator only)
-Expression 2 (Respected only)
-Easy precision
-No collide multi
-Smart Weld
-Adv sleep’n’wake tool
-Fading door tool
-Smart constraint
-Smart freezer
-Precision align

Apply for admin:
To donate PM Ryan on:


Might join sometime, looks nice but you should remove the terrorist job.

I am leaving it untill it gets abused maybe even make donator only, but not sure as of yet.

Lol, Someone is going to come in and troll the donator kick system, Kick everybody in the server.

Why would anyone donate to your “generic” dark RP to get jobs, for which they can vote for in other server.

Darkrp is only fun when you RDM a shitload, and you dont have to worry about bans because theirs so many!

I havae changed the server to a different game mode for the time being untill we can get a better one, I do enjoy dark rp because it is so easy but then times it gets on your nerves.


I have been in many DarkRP build servers where you have to donate to become a certain job.


Why would someone pay £5 to be banned?

Wow thats server sucks. Another RDM minge fest with shit admins. Get a life fag.

You get a life fag stop trolling you twat

Those DarkRP server are all the same, RDM, drugz, PHX and Wiremod, boring

I am looking to change the gamemode to somet like new RP

new RP? what’s that?

No terrorists! Damn…of course it will get abused! I may come on now and try it out…


Wow. Do not join this server. When I joined I was instantly RDM’d
There was also alot of other RDMing
So I told the admin he should do something about it, lest it turn into another DarkDM
He refused I was killed, and instead told me I died by a prop -.-
So I gave him some constructive criticisim (Telling him he needs to sort something out to stop the RDM)

And what did he do? Banned me.
Clearly he knows his stuff because he still uses assmod and includes the job ‘Terrorist’…

Alright rant over, join and see for yourself…

Too many dumb jobs, shitty admins, must I say more?

If you people are going to say negative/flaming shit on EVERY thread here, why dont you just post your own thread and troll it?

Because then no one knows who were talking about. Congratulations, welcome to online forums!

this is like the only forum that is like this

RoFLWaFFLEZZ is bound to trol…constructive criticism in all DarkRP advertisement, but anyway he haves good points, because most of the DarkRP servers are RDMing fuckfest and 12yrs old admins that can’t administrate, so he tries to help those server owners to fix their DarkRP as it is possible, but hard, to make DarkRP a “real” RP gamemode, we had examples that it can be done be done by servers like BloodyChef’s (played there since 2008, when it had a different name and was still running downtown_v2) but he haves his own style of helping anyway.

Indeed, but he hasnt even tried the server, how would he know ^^ wierd that he isnt permad
for it yet.

i have seen some nice people thats been putting alot of time into their servers, then their server advertisement gets trolled by people like him.

I like to listen to ‘supportive’ ideas, could tell me the nemof the admin I will also look over the logs, who ever banned you it wasn’t me because I don’t use ass mod I use up. The only reason there is 2 admin mods is because ulx as a lot of features but there is no restriction on tools weapons and entities.

Too anyone who wants to flame more go do not bother try running you own server and keep the bloody minges off. I don’t know why people like to flame and troll but ovuously people don’t want to hear, your only stating shit that people dot need to hear