Swimming gameplay mechanic idea

Something that always stands out to me in video games is how players can swim fine while they carry 100KG of equipment, now I understand this is for game play reasons but for Rust I believe this can turn into a more interesting game play mechanic.

The Idea in a nutshell:
Depending on total weight of items on player determined the distance the player can swim before drowning.

How this can work for fun and extended game play:
Players will need to figure out ways to get across bodies of water, such ways could be to build a form transport such as a raft or to build a bridge across.
With players building bridges it would make for a good land mark for new players and also adds a dilemma to all other players whether or not they should destroy the bridge or use it for their own crossing.

I’m keen to here other peoples thoughts on this.

bridges that people are required to cross = a lot of camping around them

Isn’t this how most communities started in real life? I know most villages are near a river crossing, in the UK anyway…

Needs more sharks.

But in RL people benefitted from trade and had a reason to stay together. In rust it is wise to stay alone in the mountains.

I have also thought about this but didn’t want to make the post to long.
Now that Rust will have different biomes this could give people a reason to trade at cross sections such as a bridge. different resources might only spawn on one side of the river and this would help force people to work together a bit more and perhaps with more organised groups setup a barter system between other groups.

I like this Idea keep it up

I like the idea, not sure how I feel about a stict distance value. Maybe increased calorie burn or speed of swimming. I said in a previous post you should not be able to aim your weapon while swimming.

i think increased calorie burn makes the most sense, especially since it can be applied to on-land movement too. debatable how to apply it, maybe have tiers. light (0-50% of your weight max, no penalty), medium (51% to 80%, 2x penalty) and heavy weight (81% to 100%, 3x penalty) or something.

applies to running, swimming etc but not environmental calorie cost.