Swimming player model animations and some others.

This is the source to the player model with swimming animations, as people were asking for it.


You compile to half-life 2.
QC in the decompiled folder is the custom animations, use the qc with only one underscore,
QC in the riot_decompiled folder is the CS:S riot playermodel using the custom animations.

Animations inside it:
Jump landing
Custom jumping with feet that push off the ground
Custom “melee3” holding animation

^The video shows a different jumping animation from the one that’s released.

^That’s the actual one.

Nice animations, especially the swimming ones.

YES, finally someone did it. Congratulations.

I like specially the jump and swimming anims.

Excellent work.

How do the swimming animations work? I didn’t think source used animations for players in water other than in TF2.

They all look really good.

what do i do with this i am not good with computer

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Wow, friggin’ awesome work, mate!

This is just the custom animations that he made. This isn’t actually compiled for GMod, its for people to see how he made the animations and how they work.

It took me 7 years to realize there were no swimming animations in Half-Life 2.

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These would look nice if they were integrated into gmod default

They’re going to be.

Yea, this is true, Garry said he would add them :smiley:

After all this time and no one decided to create swimming animations? damn.

Stunning. Looks great!

So you just about like everything in the video.

Were do u Put them? the animations?

^^ They’re not compiled for Source yet.

[del]Haha, the video you see is in garry’s mod, you can assume from that that it’s already compiled for Source.[/del]

Nevermind, I read your post wrong :X

I i like the song you used in your video, spirited away is the best

Not much the new melee animation :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry, you did it right adding it.

Awesome work man, I love it


Great work, especially on the swimming. Are you planning on doing more animations in the future?