What will swimming be like for sandbox? Will it be like gmod or will it be ahem better than swimming in gmod?

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It will likely be just like HL2 and GMod. But you could modify the playercontroller to do whatever you want


Source 2 doesn’t have any water by default so we don’t know yet though Garry has said it’s something that’s on his todo list.

That being said the default movement controller was made to be as close to source 1’s version as possible so the swimming will probably be identical as well.


I can’t think of a “better” way to do water movement than what is already done by basically every game hahah

Now, how you go about doing the fluids themselves… That can be VERY interesting, as Sam has shown some time ago when talking about an unrelated project:


Source 2 does not have water like Source 1 does as neither HL3 nor L4D3 got far enough for water to be an actual thing and both Dota 2 and HLA don’t use water outside of visual effects.

Thankfully we’re neither Dota 2 or HLA


Are you sure?

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If you’re responding to me, then I am sure. Water in Source 2 only acts as a visual effect with no physical reactions to props (buoyancy, etc) as Dota 2 doesn’t need water to function outside of looking nice. In Alyx’s branch of Source 2, if you drop a prop in water it will have no response to the water and will fall right through it.

Yeah, well there’s a reason why they have developers right? There is a reason why he’s doing water. I don’t think Garry would give the job to incompetent people. Try being optimistic.

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I hope it is better than Source 1.
I already love the way that constraints are made as it seems that it will optimize the performance of the server.

I can’t wait until I get my hands on s&Box so I can start remaking Naval Play on it!
Also hello @ubre nice to see you here!

Of course your first post is on the Swimming/Water thread.
I’ve never stopped following S&bloxx and I hope you start following it as well!

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Never stopped either!
I’m starting to get to know the Source 2 and it’s assets, right now I’m looking into Hammer and porting the new map that we were working on into it.
As you might know, water is an important thing for Naval!

Looking good!

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