Switch from linux to windows now game freezes under medium load (Mysql problem?)

We have recently reinstalled our dedicated server and changed it from Ubuntu to windows 2012 r2 server.

Out of the blue the game is extreemely laggy whenever 10+ players start playing on the server and it often times freezes up(sv drops close to zero) and when it does this for too long windows as you know pronounce it dead and say it is no longer responding or it crashes.
Where we before had 2 server with 32 people running without a hitch. (Before you might say move back, we don’t have option right now for other reasons)

We are using mysql like we did on Linux.

Currently we don’t understand any of it, the servers are pulling 3% cpu even when it’s lagging like crazy and sometimes during the freezes mysql spikes a bit from 0.1% to 3% cpu. That is about it. With falcos profiler tool nothing shine through as a red flag for performance, the heavy functions pulled more than others as expected but not to a degree where it would cause this, we even removed some of the code, a non essential system that took too much time, but it changed nothing.

It seems like it is our database queries that take up the most time, and that is what causes the freezes but still the cpu useage and ram useage of mysql is low.

Do any of you have any experience with running servers on windows based systems, that might be able to point out some flaws in our process.
Quick summary of the process:

Install os -> install updates until there are no more.
Download the steamcmd -> install the servers
Pull the game mode onto the server
open the ports needed.
Installed mysql under the server configuration
Installed IIS for the website to run on (however that has not been setup yet there is a static html page stating our “emergency”)
Changed the mysqloo build to windows

Hit run and watched it burn. Basicly this worked on Linux as far as I can tell.

since we have disabled innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit because we would rather have the speed than the ACID guarantee at this point.
We have turned the max tmp table and max tmp heap sizes up for mysql(seen no change in ram useage).
Everything has been set to use the innodb engine.

Is there something important we have forgotten to take into account, have we made a mistake?

(ps. we run very few addons, our own rp mode(have worked flawlessly for half a year), cac anti cheat, falcos prop protection and advanced duplicator)

Most relevant Server specs:
Intel Core i7-4790 K @4GHZ 4 cores
32 gb DDR3 Ram 1600MHZ

Go into power options (search for battery) and turn it onto High Performance mode. By default windows will come in “Power Saver” mode and severely underclock the CPU.

Why would you switch to Winblows? It should be the other way around.

Indeed, linux is way better secured and stable as server than windows.

I say this as someone who loves Linux on servers: there are plenty of good reasons for someone to switch to Windows from Linux.

Thank you for the response, we tried this but it did nothing if very little our mode was already at balanced(5% to 100% cpu allowed).

To the others who say “why no linux!”, when I say we have our reasons to change we had a reason which was valid from our perspective.

Our problem:

Turned out the my.ini file was set up with “bs”-standard settings, since they were never changed on the linux machine it never occoured to anyone that it might be an issue.
This revealed itself during the investigation however and many of the ram settings was way too low. So if anyone else sees this and you use mysql remember to change your my.ini, log and buffer sizes up.

Our problem was that mysql tried to do too much IO at once. Which means we also turned off

Do note however that this removes ACID “compliance” so to speak, so if you are dealing with sensitive data do not alter this.

We might after some small optimizations to some other things going on return and change this and see if it had any real impact.