Switching bases for sweps

I hate being a leech and making these threads.
and I apologize for this and in the future.

My question is how do i switch bases for my sweps?
From default to something else? Like the new FA:S sweps on the workshop?

also another thing, I’m using new sounds for my sweps.
now there are two files shoot_loop, shoot_end

If you hold the primary fire button, it will loop for a couple of seconds and then stop.
After you finish shooting, it will play the shoot_end sound but it doesn’t it sound natural. it will play a little more high pitched sound.
In the game i ripped them through, they sound fine. but in gmod they don’t.

I apologize in advance. I am a the biggest lua noob here with a lot of questions and i hope Garry doesn’t ban me :stuck_out_tongue:

Does nobody know how to switch bases? atleast? and how do i find the correct timing to place the sounds in while a gun is preforming an animation?

You really can’t. The only thing I can think of doing is adding the functions from one base to another without changing its name.

What base are you trying to swap? And what gamemode?

I’m trying to swap some sweps over because i want to include the same features of that base into the sweps I’m working on. Also how do i find right timers to place the sounds in?

SWEP.Base = “your_weapon_base_weapon_class”

Ok well how do i find timers? for placing sound in?

Fix them?


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How does one find timers for adding sounds?