Switching Drives

hey there um i just had a long conversation with my grandad about gmod and steam i was going to buy a TB hard drive like for games and stuff (gmod etc) BUT if i download like a file and i have my gmod stuff in a different drive (like the F drive) would it work if i put the dwnloded file in that drive because i heard that its supposed to go in the C drive or something im just trying to clear it up before i get gmod (hopefully) again???

You can reinstall steam on that drive and then copy the original steamapps folder over it.

First, please get some English lessons, or just use dots, question marks, etc. It’s really hard to read.

Yes, you can install GMod on the TB drive if you want to, but you have to re-install steam.
What you do is:
Copy the steamapps folder to a different place.
Then Uninstall Steam.
Then Install it on the other drive.
Then copy the steamapps folder to (F:)/Steam

what if i dont have a steamapps folder i lost a couple of folders a long time ago? well actually i dont have any folders at all i have’nt played gmod in 18 months