Switching to a static camera once a players enters a certain area

How would one achieve this? Is this even possible? I’m trying to do this in Counter-Strike: Source.

I’ll give an example, once a terrorist or counter-terrorist falls (to his death) through a window of a tall skyscraper (the map is set high up in a skyscraper), the first person view switches to a static camera somewhere near the spot where he jumped out. I’ll explain why I want to do this: if the player would stay in first person view during his trip to the ground, I’m forced to model the entire skyscraper to the ground with a fair amount of detail. With the method described above, that wouldn’t be nessecary. That way I’m saving up a lot of time and resources.

So I’m thinking of doing this with a trigger_multiple (for when he touches that area) but I have no idea how I could switch it to a static camera afterwards.

Any help?

They did stuff like this in Sven Co-op so it seems like it should be possible in Source too, but I know jack and shit about Hammer.

If you have L4D, load up the last or second to last chapter of No Mercy in Hammer. You should be able to see how they made the player look through the static cameras when they fall off the building.

Yes but L4D uses an updated version of Source from Counter-Strike: Source. Seems obvious, but you kinda forgot that…

How about making a trigger_hurt when you jump off the building, and set the Damage to 100 or something (whatever you prefer). Then, make a point_viewcontrol over the place where you can fall off (I don’t think it’s possible to make it project directly over where the player died, so you’ll have to make it limited where you jump off). Then, make an output like this:

OnHurtPlayer>(name of point_viewcontol)>Enable

Try something like that. Mess around with it to get the best results. :slight_smile:

Tell me if this worked! :smiley:

Do what Jameo said, and I would make a trigger_hurt sorrounding the window and the camera below the window; so when the player dies, and turns into a ragdoll, you would be able to see the ragdoll falling for a few seconds.

If you wanted a really cool effect, have several cameras at regular intervals pointing at the building and set up some triggers so it shows the player falling, then as they fall off screen, go onto another camera, showing them fall onto the screen and off the screen.

Or, if you wanted the effect of them falling for a long time; make the “corpse” teleport to another place in the map, with several brushes textured like the skyscraper in the background, so when they fall, it shows them falling for a second, then teleports them above the brush, that would have a camera pointed at it, then as they fall off screen, teleport to another brush, and therfore another camera’s view and have that going for a view seconds, so it looks like they’re falling for hundreds of meter.

Just a thought :v:


Sorry if that’s hard to understand.

I got slightly carried away…

Nice… but even I don’t know how to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Although nice idea.

Or make a very tall skyscraper brush into a func_movelinear and have it going up while the body is going down, for the effect of SUPER SPEED.