Switching to portal engine?

First off, I don’t mean for garry to do it.

What I mean is, if portal has a custom engine.dll, if we switched it with the one in gmod would we be able to use portals?


is the code for the portals in the engine.dll or what though?

If you were to do that, it would fuck up a lot of stuff.

actually, i just did it and nothing happened

They’re the same engine, only difference is the Portals coded in

Don’t you need to code a SWEP to shoot those Portals though?

Or I may be mistaken…

Here’s a better idea: Portal 2 engine! There is the problem though that not everything may be usable.
It’s just that the P2 engine is VALVe’s best yet.


and no it isn’t, like L4D it’s just a dead end branch of the Source engine

and this is maybe the 500th thread about this. The answer is no.

Well, the timescale is better. Fire an energy ball in 10% speed in other games, and there will be the firing sound, awkward pause 9x the duration of the fire sound, then the energy ball fires.

And it just seems a little less glitchy in general.