"sword" and "fist" holdtypes; do they still work?

Many updates ago, around the time the rollercoaster animation for players was added, we also got “sword” and “pistol” holdtypes for SWEPs. However, every SWEP I found on garrysmod.org using these holdtypes appears to no longer work (as in, the holdtype defaults to “pistol”). I tried fixing the holdtypes by making them shared (since that was changed when Azui was working on GMod) but no dice.

Do these still work, and if so, can anyone show a working example?

Pretty sure the “fist” holdtype works.

“sword” is “melee2”, I believe.

Did some more looking at those SWEPs, and they were messing with the SetHoldtype function and some other animation stuff which GMod apparently ignored.

“fist” and “melee2” (as Blargh123 said) work just fine when I tried them with a blank SWEP.

SetWeaponHoldType needs to be called both clientside and serverside