Sword and Pistol SWEP

i just got an idea for a SWEP that allows you to wield a sword and a pistol at the same time the idea came from Warhammer 40K with Space marine sergeants can anybody tell me if one exists or make one

PS. this has already been posted on the wrong section

well if you wanted this swep, you would need custom models, for the sword and pistol, unless you used the stock pistol for gmod. plus custom animations for every time the pistol was fired, and the sword was swung. and finally you would need someone to code the primary and secondary fire as well as the information. it’s quite possible, but if you ask me it’s a pain in the ass. it’d help if you start out by making the models.

If you make the custom models and animations i will script it for you.

ok but i dont know how to make custom models


do youknow where i could learn how to make custom models

i’d recommend checking out blender.org. and download the open source tool Blender, it’s a 3d modelling
and animation tool. also there’s tutorials at blender.org/tutorials.

i might warn you though, making custom models isn’t an easy process, get ready for frustration and countless hours working on the models and animations

ok thanks


but since im kinda impatient do you know anybody who can model this

I dont think many people can model, it takes time. but if u can find a model with animations from a source game then other people could do it. hell even i could do it if i had the model.

could you then take the man-at-arms sword from age of chivalry and just some random pisol from any source game you choose

Here is a bolter model I have been working on. Havent found a use for it yet… just made it cos warhammer is awesome.


now that is cool just needs kinda better textures and woila we have got a pistol for this swep